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About Us

A lady named CICI came to the jewelry store and started to buy the jewelry she wanted. Suddenly, she found that her hands were too short and too fat. Compared with other people's hands, it was very dark. She started shopping without the desire and confidence to buy. This is her first day shopping experience. There isn't a jewelry store that caters to people with dark or wheatish skin tones. So she began to learn design herself, trying her best to design a piece of jewelry suitable for wheat-colored skin. She found it really hard to get the effect she wanted after trying again and again. Then she deliberately went to work in a big-name factory, and the big-name jewelry was dazzling. She was stunned to see this! Quickly figure out the style and color you want in your head. She began to process and polish it step by step, and finally made the color, which is a small rose gold ring. She wore it for a long time, and found that it would fade, and the sides of her hands were jet black. Then she started working on a rose gold that would never fade.
  • In 2009, the first rose gold ring was officially born.....

  • She became more and more aware of the beauty of wheat color and dark complexion, and became more and more confident, so she changed her name to Cicicolor, Chinese - Cicicolor
  • After many trials and tests, she once again found that rose gold can well show the beauty of women's skin tone and developed a family craft that never fades.
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Girls' hands are very important. CICI's hands have designed hundreds of rings and other jewelry, but they always adhere to the never-fading craftsmanship of rose gold, so that every woman can start a journey of self-confidence CC color.
Never fade, everlasting. …